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Hello I'm Michelle!

Are you ready to regain healthy balance between work and life again?

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help ambitious women create a healthy lifestyle to optimize their professional success & feel personally fulfilled.

I've helped women just like you rediscover their motivation, personal accountability & optimal wellness through Her Healthy Habits online courses and services.

I'd love the opportunity to help you too. 


With my professional guidance, you'll be supported as you regain your clarity & productive efficiency while reducing stress. Let me be your guide as you move along your journey to health and wellness.



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As a busy ambitious business owner myself, I understand the frustration of feeling like there's not enough time in the day for self-care and practicing a healthy lifestyle. That’s why my mission is simple; to give you the wellness education, tools, and resources you need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. 


Inside our membership program we have a badass team of dedicated women that understand what it takes to create transformation in health and wellness. If you're in need of a little extra support and accountability, this is the right place for you!


Our programs are designed to connect women and provide you with a platform to learn sustainable healthy habits for a lifetime of confident body love, empowered action & positive self-care.

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I love Michelle!


Out of all of the different health coaches I've worked with, she is my all-time favorite. She is incredibly knowledgable & really knows her shit!

With Michelle's help, I have such a better routine that helps me stay organized & gets rid of all my excuses ... I know that without Michelle I probably would still be starting a lot of projects and never finishing them.


I CANNOT recommend Michelle enough!! ❤️

Francesca Rodriguez


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