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Meet Michelle 

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Thank you for taking the time to be here & recognize your desire for change in health.

I wanted to share a little bit about myself here, so you understand where I've come from & how I can help you.

My wish for you is to stay dedicated, stay passionate & keep being you - it has always been enough.

Thank you for entrusting me with your time & your energy.

xo, Michelle

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The Future

Where Her Healthy Habits is Headed


My vision is to educate & guide you back to a life of balance, through effective coaching, immersive workshops, interactive events, motivational presentations, & transformational retreats. 


I've put together a team of badass women who are passionate about fostering transformation while serving their peers.


My programs are designed to provide you with a platform to learn healthy habits for a lifetime of confident body love, empowered action & positive self-care.


To inspire you to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle that sustains and fulfills you. 


My mission is to help you find confidence in your body & mind again. To reignite your zest for life and empower you to make healthy choices for yourself.


My larger world mission is to galvanize women around the globe to live a thriving, confident & exuberant lifestyle with wellness balanced in all areas of their lives.


Community acceptance & collaboration.

Strong integrity with love & kindness.

Energetic inspiration led by self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Empowerment through dedicated empathy.

Gratitude for philosophical inquiry.

Service to others through honest communication.

The Present

The idea for Her Healthy Habits has been a long time in the making.


As I moved through the professional world of fitness, I kept realizing that there was something else that I needed to share. A bigger message that needed its own platform. Through years of experience working with women, I've come to learn that each of us has our own insecurities, doubts & running dialogue that tells us we're not good enough.


Even when we're actively trying to create healthier habits in out lives, we're inundated with unhealthy marketing messages from Health Gurus who spread (whether knowingly or not) the subconscious beliefs that where you're at now is bad, wrong or could be better. Even I felt like I was spreading the wrong kind of message in my line of work...unknowingly telling women that they're not good enough as they are right now.


When I was encouraged by well-respected & beloved peers to promote weight loss as a way to get my program into the hands of women I had to draw the line. Enough was enough. We need a new kind of message.

It dawned on me that I didn't want to offer just another health & wellness program that fit into the mold of "what works" in sales, but rather a program that makes a real difference and spreads body positivity. 


I do believe we each have the potential for growth & change, I do not believe that berating ourselves or our bodies is the way to do it.

So I'm calling for a paradigm shift in women's health & wellness. A shift in the way we see ourselves, the way we talk to ourselves & the way we work towards health for longevity.

Will you join me?

Where I Am Now

Its been years since I began my journey in wellness. From my first introduction to Buddhism in middle school, I feel like I was meant to discover a deeper philosophy about good health. I began my movement experience at a young age through dance & sports. Although raised in a relatively conscious household, I didn't sink into nutrition until I attempted various diets on my own - vegetarian, plant-based, paleo, raw & dairy-free all provided learning opportunities. Moving through the years, my interest in self-care, personal development & mindfulness has grown exponentially.


About a decade ago I began working in the world of health professionally, starting with fitness coaching - running challenges that taught empowerment, nutritional education & intensive physical activity for women. 


Through the years, I've moved into instructing barre fitness, teaching various modalities of yoga, and coaching athletes in functional training. With each year that passes, I learn more about meditation practices, visualization tactics & recognize the impact our mental thoughts have on our ability to act physically.


While receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, I worked on campus for Safer & The Gender Equity Center - where I aided in sexual assault education for students, held positive self-esteem building events & hosted The Vagina Monologues as a benefit for female-empowering organizations locally & abroad. My focus has been geared towards encouraging a better understanding of the body & mind when it comes to health. Moving on to a Certificate of Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine & obtaining a Certificate of Nutrition, my focus has gravitated heavily towards Women’s Health, Nutrition for Performance, & the Psychology of Habit Formation. 


With all things considered in my past, I believe that behavioral traits are one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The Past

Where I've Been

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