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Meet Michelle 

Your Transformational Guide to Body Love


Thank you for taking the time to be here & recognize your desire for change in health.

Thank you for entrusting me with your time & your energy.

I want to share a little bit about myself in the past, present & future context, so you understand where I've come from & why I'm here.

Stay dedicated, stay passionate & keep being you - it has always been enough.

xo, Michelle

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The Future

Where We're Headed


Her Healthy Habits offers education & guidance for women through effective coaching, immersive workshops, interactive events, motivational presentations, & transformational retreats. 


We have a badass team of dedicated passionate women that understand, support & foster transformation while serving others.


Our programs are designed to connect women by providing them a platform to learn healthy habits for a lifetime of confident body love, empowered action & positive self-care.


Inspire a balanced thriving lifestyle in order to bring empowered wellness to the world in ripple effect fashion. 


For women to find their confidence in their own bodies & minds to make their own choices in the healthiest life.


Galvanize women around the globe to live a thriving, confident & exuberant lifestyle with wellness balanced in all aspects of life.


Community acceptance in collaboration.

Strong integrity with love & kindness.

Energetic inspiration led by self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Empowerment through dedicated empathy.

Gratitude for philosophical inquiry.

Service to others through honest communication.

The Present

The present brings me to this business, Her Healthy Habits. As I moved through the professional world of fitness alongside childcare, marketing & sales, I kept realizing that something else was building up inside me. Something I had to share with the world. Through my experience with women, I've come to learn that each of us has our own insecurities, doubts, negative self-talk & running dialogue that continuously tells us we're not good enough.


Even with all the benefits that come along with making changes in our health for the better - eating well, moving our bodies, & practicing self-care tactics for mental wellness... each message was consistently insisting that where you are now is bad, wrong or could be better. Even I felt like I was fitting into the marketing of telling women that they're not good enough as they are right now. After I was encouraged by well-respected & beloved peers to promote weightloss as a way to get my program into the hands of women I had to draw the line.

It dawned on me that I don't want to just offer another health & wellness prorgam that fits the model of what always has been or "what works" in sales, but rather a program that breaks the mold. Where I do believe we each have the potential for growth & change & development, I do not believe that berating ourselves or our bodies as they are at this very moment is the way to do it.

So I call for a paradigm shift in women's health & wellness. A shift in the way we see ourselves, the way we talk to ourselves & the way we work towards health for longevity.

Where I Am Now

It seems like ages since I began my journey in wellness. From the first introduction to Buddhism in middle school, I feel like I was always meant to discover a deeper Philosophy on the meaning of health. I began my movement experience at a young age through dance & sports. Although raised in a relatively conscious household, I didn't sink into nutrition until I attempted various diets on my own - vegetarian, plant-based, paleo, raw & dairy-free all provided learning opportunities. Moving through the years, my interest in self-care, personal development & mindfulness has grown exponentially.


About a decade ago I began working in the world of wellness professionally, starting with coaching fitness - running challenges that taught empowerment, nutritional education & intensive physical activity for women. Through the years, I've moved into instructing barre fitness, teaching various modalities of yoga, and coaching athletes in functional training. With each year that passes, I learn more about meditation practices, visualization tactics & recognize the impact our mental thoughts or beliefs have on our ability to act physically.


While receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, I worked on campus for Safer & The Gender Equity Center - where I aided in sexual assault education for students, held positive self-esteem building events & hosted The Vagina Monologues as a benefit for female-empowering organizations locally & abroad. My focus has been geared towards encouraging a better understanding of the body & mind when it comes to health. Moving on to a Certificate of Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine & obtaining a Certificate of Nutrition, my focus has gravitated heavily towards Women’s Health, Nutrition for Performance, & the Psychology of Habit Formation. 


With all things considered in my past, I believe that behavioral traits are one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The Past

Where I've Been

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