Action: Release the Fear & Do Something

We have to be brave enough to imagine what is possible, and then go work for it—and not just dream it.

// Brittany Packnett Cunningham //

After spending some quality time listening, educating & better understanding it’s time to take the next step - action.

What good are the first three if we don’t affect any change in the world?

We each play a role in change & that looks different for all of us.

It’s time to step up & allow our actions to speak louder than words. At this point in time, it’s less important to continue to search or ask questions. We have access to resources right at our fingertips. We’ve been shown the to take tangible action steps.

So what’s stopping you?

Maybe it’s…


Fear of judgment.

Fear of choosing the wrong action.

Fear or being harassed.

Fear of upsetting someone.

These are all legitimate concerns for where you stand in your life & in your business. But I entreat you to decide which values you or your business are grounded in. Deciding where you stand & what you can’t stand for anymore.

We each have to make an individual decision, which certain groups or others may not like.

But either way, we have to act.

The Goal: Take Inspired Action

It’s important to reflect on the past few weeks of change & recognize the ways in which you’ve grown. Using that understanding, decide the ways in which you will take inspired action.

Not because you have to or you’ve been asked to, but because you feel compelled from within.

The Subject: Our Community

When it comes to our community, there will always be matters of opinion that will divide us. Some will blow over & others will continue to haunt you. As a community we’ve seen what happens to those who are on the wrong receiving end of controversial statements.

As a business it’s important to reflect on your morals, vision & mission in the community to dictate how you respond or what actions you take.

In order to enact change, we have to get uncomfortable & be willing to make mistakes.

Yes, there will be consequences.

Yes, there will be things said that don’t come out right.

Yes, not everything will be pretty.

No, you can’t please everybody.

But at the end of the day, when you act in a way that reflects how you feel in your heart you are more likely to be satisfied with your choices.

Supporting our community is something that is a no-brainer to me. We are only successful because of our community & all of the roles within that dynamic. Without any one person or any one idea we don’t move forward.

So when members of our community are being attacked - being victimized - the right & moral thing to do from my perspective is to step up into action to stop it.

The Subject: Our Health

When it comes to our health we have to dig even deeper. What’s happening in the world is a social movement that you may feel pressured to join or take part in because of a duty, responsibility or call to action from others.

Unfortunately for our health, we don’t often have the luxury of being galvanized to action in the same way.

It’s solely up to you on this one.

No one is going to come save your health without you taking the first steps towards action. You can’t rely on others to protest in the streets, write letters or donate funds to your cause without your input first.

So with our health & fighting for our own personal right to balanced wellness we have to be inspired from within for a different reason, a different cause. Not one that is going to be recognized on the news or shouted in the streets. But it’s at the center of everything you do & enables you to keep fighting the good fight.

The Problem: Fear of Action

Most often we don’t act, because we are too afraid of what that action will mean. We’re too afraid of the outcome, the consequences.

Fear of judgment in what we’re saying or doing.

Fear of making mistakes.

Overwhelmed by information or feeling too insecure, so we’d rather stay quiet or unmoved because we’re not willing to sit in the discomfort of whatever choice we make. Unwilling to do that workout, or shop differently at the grocery store or try meditation because we’re afraid of what change might hold for us.

Action to affect change requires discomfort, it requires the ability to stand up & say - I’m okay if I’m wrong in this choice, I will act anyway in order to move forward.

The Next Step in a Solution: Take Action

At this point, to me, it’s simple.

We act.

Act in different ways, but act nonetheless.

Do something.

Start something.

Join something.

Fund something.

Show up for your community & for your health.

Release the fear & do something.

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