Ode to a Smoothie: The Perfect Meal

Smoothies are a controversial item in health.

Some people love them & other people think they’re not so great.

But why!?

The Pros:

  • A quick intake of food-on-the-go

  • Many super versatile options

  • A sneaky way to get greens & veg in your diet

  • No cooking required

  • Easy to tackle once you’ve got the basics down

  • Milder on the digestive system

The Cons:

  • Large intake of calories

  • Doesn’t always fill you up

  • Most often just sugary pureed fruit or fruit juices

  • Use of food products that aren’t always whole or healthy

  • “Smoothie” wannabes touted for weight loss as shakes or powders

  • Some say you should be chewing all the food you’re consuming. Blah blah blah.

But the real question, to blend or not to blend?!

AKA - are they healthy?

Well, it’s really about your ingredients & your goals.

Here at Her Healthy Habits, we LOVE our smoothies.

We mean LOVE LOVE our smoothies.

The smoothie is understandably a little bit of a black sheep in the health world because you can put anything in it! That means they can be sugar-bombs, devoid of nutrients & not satisfy any of your hunger.

So we want to share how we view the smoothie - as the perfect meal. A healthy option for on-the-go peoples.

[[Or at least how it CAN be - sometimes it can also be dessert. Yum!]]

You may be wondering - but HOW do you make the perfect meal out of a smoothie?

Well, glad you asked.

Let's start from the beginning - firstly, the perfect meal includes all of your macros in a balanced way.

Carbohydrates - check.

Proteins - check.

Fats - check.

Secondly, we are adamant about using WHOLE foods. That means - if it came directly from the earth then have a blast, but if it's got a bunch of added or fake crap - it probably doesn't belong in your blender or body! Especially if you can't pronounce it.

Here's how we create our perfect meal in a smoothie...

  1. Pour in luscious, silky & thick non-dairy milk. Your "milks" should be nuts or seeds + water - meaning no gums, carrageenan, or added sugar (it's usually hiding).

  2. Right away blend with your base fruit, we prefer banana but something like mango also works great.

  3. As the blender is going, throw in a hefty amount of your other fruit & vegetables of choice - greens like spinach, kale, or baby chard. Maybe some celery or carrots too. Fruits & veg cover your carbohydrates while providing nutritious enzymes, minerals, vitamins & antioxidants! Plus fiber. Woo!

  4. Then add your proteins - nuts, seeds, or nut butters are an excellent source of plant protein. Chia, hemp, pumpkin, peanut, brazil, cashew, hazel - you name it, throw it in you nut! (Just figure out what works for you with flavor & quantity.)

  5. This would be a good time to scoop in your powders but think more like the superfood kind & not the fake, sugary "isolate" kind.

  6. Lastly, your fats. Mmmm... fat. The perfectly ripe avocado would be our #1 choice. If that's not available, because damn you avocados & your straight from unripe to overripe nature!!! … Ahem... but also hemp oil, flax oil, coconut oil... you get the gist kind of oil.

Blend until perfectly smooth then pour out into your favorite glass, add a straw & maybe a tiny umbrella for kicks!

Drink up you healthy, sassy lady!!!

So we say blend away!


Her Healthy Habits

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