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Guidebook: MOVEMENT

Guidebook: MOVEMENT

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A Five-Step Guide to Exercising NOW!

And you'll receive...

Your Five-Step Guide to Start Exercising NOW

 When you purchase this guidebook you will receive:

  • Journal prompts - realign awareness around health for optimal performance

  • Guided coaching - create a consistent exercise routine

  • Self-care practices - increase your ability to focus on business & success

  • Self-reflection - connect to yourself & improve effective scheduling


Create your own fitness routine that is guaranteed to have you feeling better in your body in no time & get you showing up for your business with calm clarity. 


BONUS - when you purchase today, receive a FREE 30-minute session with me, your personal health consultant to apply these principles effectively in your unique schedule!

  • A convenient phone call w/ a skilled health coach to integrate this Guidebook effectively

  • 30 minutes of dedicated support specific to your needs

  • Assessment of your unique challenges to exercising

  • Coordination of a weekly schedule to keep you on track

  • Included email follow-up for accountability & motivation


All of this valued at $200 - but when you invest in yourself today spend only $7!!!


Not sure who I am & why you should listen to me?! That’s cool, it’s a big world out there.


My name is Michelle & I’ve been in fitness for the past decade. I’ve helped thousands of women reach their exercise goals & have found that there are always simple steps to consistent movement that we often overlook.


It’s easy & basic, but setting up that foundation is crucial to create lasting impact in our lives.


So that’s why I created Her Healthy Habits - my company has been helping women exactly like you for the past three years find themselves again in health. We offer a chance for women to transform their overall lifestyles from surviving into thriving. Each of them finding success in business, health & life through balanced wellness.

Zoe W.

I really think this is just what many ladies need.

It is getting started that is the difficult part.

Stephanie D.

I absolutely LOVE this! It speaks my simple language of “why can’t I just do it”? This is fabulous and speaks to one's heart, not to their guilt or insecurities & that’s golden!!!