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 Hello Lovely,

This list of goods & services are curated to meet your self-care needs. While some of these things I receive a small commission from, others are shared simply because they've changed my life, but all of these I stand behind 100%!!!

Ignite Booty School w/ Shawna Moxi:

These classes are absolutely to-die-for fun! They're online, so you can access them everywhere. Move your booty, shake a tail feather & get in some consistent movement to uplift your exercise routine. Shawna's vibe is so freaking fun, you won't ever want to miss a class!!!

30 Days to More Abundance, Ease & Confidence:

If I would've created a course with this concept, it would be exactly this one! Shawna has put together a program that encourages you to step into your own voice & start living the life you've always meant to live. Shawna's been through such an incredible journey, & the vibrancy she brings to everything she does is palpable. Start living your most confident life with this course!

Kajabi Course Management & Online Business Software

The platform I use as a successful online business woman! If you have created your own business or are looking to get started, I completely understand that there are SO MANY options out there. It can be overwhelming, confusing & downright frustrating. I've transitioned from various platforms & found that I like KAJABI the best for what I offer online. My Be Better Empowerment Program is run successfully through this platform & I couldn't ask for a better team of support through the whole process! Give the trial a shot & you won't invest anything right up front!

Once you are a priority, everything else will fall into place.

Michelle Pualani